Dive into the world of cinematic music composition for media with a comprehensive 2-Part course, featuring in-depth lessons on Modern MIDI Mastery & Scoring to Picture. Virtually sit with Jonas Friedman as he unveils his process and techniques for cinematic music production, programming ultra-realistic mockups and crafting cues for top-tier film and television projects.


  • 24 videos with 7+ hours of meticulously crafted tutorials filled with invaluable insights and practical knowledge about writing and producing music to picture at the highest level for major studio projects

  • In-depth Score-To-Picture lessons giving students a chance to experience how professional cues are crafted to picture from start to finish.

  • Advanced Midi Programming, Layering & Mixing Techniques For Short Strings, Long Strings, Brass, Percussion, Choir & Emotional Adagio Strings

  • Learn how pro composers achieve a modern, well produced sound heard on major studio films, series and soundtracks

  • Learn how to master your final mixes for your portfolio or your next big pitch using advanced A.I. software. Discover how to use advanced features to compare your masters with top soundtrack releases.

  • Downloadable resources including all stem files, mastered cues for reference, midi files and cubase sessions.

  • My entire composing template for Cubase, over 10 years in the making! Streamline your efficiency and production quality with all stems and tracks set up, pre routed and ready to go!

  • My exclusive JF Sounds folder with over 300 of my most used sounds including Accents, Big Hits and Sound Design wav files. You'll even get my entire western tool kit that I created for the CW's Walker: Independence with live guitar, fiddle and guitar viol performances and one-shots for easy drag and drop scoring.

  • Lifetime Access. More videos will be released in the coming year. Whenever new videos are added to Midi Mastery or Score To Picture you will have instant free access to this exclusive content for life.


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COURSE CURRICULUM (7+ Hours & Growing!)


  1. Welcome To Modern Scoring Mastery

  2. About Your Instructor / Overview

  3. Downloadable Assets

  4. Included Template Overview (Cubase)

  5. Included Template Overview (Logic)

  6. Music Writing vs. Music Production

  7. Midi Programming Basics (Bonus Video)


  1. Short Strings Midi Programming

  2. Long Strings Midi Programming

  3. Brass & Choir Midi Programming

  4. Percussion Midi Programming

  5. Emotional Adagio Strings Midi Programming


  1. Score To Picture Overview

  2. Setting Markers, Tempo & Hit Points

  3. Sci-Fi Adventure Scene 01: Introducing A World

  4. Sci-Fi Adventure Scene 02: Walk & Talk

  5. Sci-Fi Adventure Scene 03: Building Suspense, Creating Contrast

  6. Sci-Fi Adventure Scene 04: Action! Sculpting Stylized Moments

  7. Sci-Fi Adventure Scene 05: Action! Part 2

  8. Dramatic Intrigue Overview

  9. Dramatic Intrigue Scene 01

  10. Dramatic Intrigue Scene 02


  1. Mastering Your Tracks With Ozone 11

Course Wrap Up

  1. Closing


Who Is This Course For (Beginners, Intermediate or Professionals)?

For Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Professionals
This course has been designed to help any musicians with experience writing music in a DAW such as Cubase, Logic or Digital Performer. If you're a complete beginner, this course can provide inspiration and knowledge regarding what is possible when working with music in a digital environment, and scoring to picture. However, it will mainly be accessible to those who are at a Pre-Intermediate level, all the way through a Professional level. Please see a more detailed breakdown below of what to expect and who is most likely to benefit from each section.

While we've included a bonus video for beginners that covers the basics of midi programming before the more advanced tutorials, if you have never written any music with midi before, we strongly suggest learning those fundamentals first before using this course to master creating realistic mockups. If you are familiar with the process of writing / producing music with midi, but are struggling to get your mockups to sound as realistic and well produced as top media composers and their teams, this section will be of enormous value to you.

Again, this section is designed for composers starting at a Pre-Intermediate level, and can be valuable to anyone from that point that is looking to learn the art of Scoring To Picture in a DAW.

What Gear Or Equipment Will I Need (Computer, Sample Libraries Etc)?

You can start this program with nothing more than a computer / laptop, a DAW (ie: Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer) and an introductory sample library that you can purchase for as little as $9.99 (ie: Musio) It has truly never been more affordable to begin or advance your career as a media composer, and this course had been specifcially designed to help you make the most out of your equipment no matter where you are on your musical journey!

How Is This Course Different Than Other Composing Courses?

While I appreciate that other course developers in the world of composing are making information more accessible, I don't feel that all education and information is created equal. This course stands out in the world of composer education by bridging the gap between inspiration and practical skill enhancement. While many high-profile educational platforms offer courses by famous composers can be motivational and enjoyable to watch, they often lack practical information for those aiming to elevate their composing abilities so they can find and take on more work opportunities. Conversely, sources offering practical lessons frequently come from instructors with limited experience in scoring modern projects, leading to a disconnect with the expectations of today's top media directors, showrunners, and producers.

The emphasis on "Modern" in Modern Media Composer is intentional. This course is designed to elevate composers by focusing on practical and essential skills that are often overlooked in university programs or by composers who may have achieved success decades ago but haven't been actively involved in scoring recent projects for leading networks and studios. It's tailored to meet the demands of contemporary media composition, ensuring relevance and applicability in today's fast-evolving industry.

Do I Need To Know How To Read Music For This Course?

Having the ability to read music is fantastic and valuable, but in no way is it a necessity to take this course or succeed as a media composer in general. I do not know how to read music personally, so you're in good company!

Will I Get A Copy Of The Film Examples To Practice Scoring On?

At the moment, the Score To Picture section is for demonstration only, to give members the ability to learn how to approach a scene, both technically and creatively. We are currently working on obtaining broader licenses so that members of this course can have more material to practice on. All owners of this course will be given these materials without any additional charge once they become available.

Will I Be Given Personalized Feedback? Do You Offer 1-1 Mentorship Or Coaching?

Composers are welcome to submit their work for feedback sessions, or ask me any questions they may have. While I cannot guarantee feedback for everyone's work at this time, members enrolled in our premium courses will be prioritized for feedback opportunities when they become available sometime in the new year.

I am honored by the numerous requests I've been receiving for 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship, however my current commitments do not allow me to offer such services at this exact moment. My full-time profession as a composer for film and series, often demanding 60-80 hours a week, occupies the bulk of my time in addition to running MMC. However, I am deeply passionate about providing in-depth feedback to the Modern Media Composer's community and so my team and I are actively working to find a way of making this a reality in the new year. Stay tuned :)

Do You Have A Logic Template Too That's Included? What About Digital Performer?

At launch I am including a copy of my personal main template from Cubase/Nuendo that users can customize for their personal needs as a composer. I will be recreating this template in Logic Pro and all members will have access to it by Jan 2024.

Does This Course Teach Music Theory, Traditional Arrangement & Writing Music

This course does not include music theory instruction. However, it showcases my personal writing and arranging techniques, particularly in the Score To Picture section. Here, you can observe as I create cues from scratch for an entire film.

It's important to mention that the writing and arranging techniques demonstrated do not center on a traditional orchestra. Instead, they utilize the orchestra as one aspect of a score, integrating it with modern elements like synthesizers and processed instruments. This approach, in my experience, is increasingly sought-after in major media project scoring.

Why Can't I Access Tier 2 Downloads Without Waiving The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

The assets included with Modern Scoring Mastery are exceptionally valuable, and I'm thrilled to share them with you. Unfortunately, due to their digital nature, these files cannot be returned if you decide that Modern Scoring Mastery's main video content is not the right fit for you. Therefore, I ask our members to take all the time they need to be completely satisfied with the course content. Once you feel confident about the course, you are welcome to access the files at your convenience. By doing so, you indicate that the main content you have purchased meets or (hopefully!) exceeds your expectations. Thank you for your understanding!

Am I Allowed To use Your Wav Files Included From Your JF Sounds Folder For My Own Work On Commercial Projects?

YES! The included sounds are meant to be used for any and all of your compositional needs. However, please read the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA) that outlines the terms of your license. Basically, you can not resell or upload / use individual sounds that have not been combined with other sounds as part of a larger composition, which is standard for all libaries and sample packs. Feel free to reach out to jonas@reply.modernmediacomposer.com for more detailed questions or information.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

We currently accept payments through Stripe and PayPal. All major credit cards are accepted. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase the course.

I Have A Question Not Listed Here - How Can I Reach You?

No problem, I'm always here to help and answer any questions you may have. Just message Jonas@reply.modernmediacomposer.com or use the form below this FAQ section!